World Wide Expert Consultation

Henk Offereins DVM, MVSc, MRCVS

Henk Offereins

Worldwide Equine Sports Veterinarian

Henk Offereins DVM is a leading equine sports veterinarian. He works internationally to improve the athletic ability and soundness of top horses.


This service has up to now only been available to select clients from around the world, and now we wish to open this up to all owners. The assessment is suitable for both competition and leisure horses.

How it works:


Turning Movement into Knowledge – Powered By Sleip

The only diagnostic application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) motion analysis to identify lameness straight from a video. 

MotionPro allows precise motion analysis to be accessible and easy to use; through an app on your smartphone. There’s no need for additional hardware and the app gives you the flexibility to run exams anywhere. This service is ideal for routine monitoring of your horses soundness, as well as tracking the rehabilitation process of your horse post injury.